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Innsbruck Visitors "Print and Take" Guide
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Golden Roof (Image 1 - Credit: Andrew Bossi)
  1. Golden Roof
Ambras Castle (Image 1 - Credit: Pahu)
  2. Ambras Castle
Maria Theresa Street (Image 1 - Credit: Böhringer friedrich)
  3. Maria Theresa Street
  4. Imperial Palace
Inn River Innsbruck (Image 1 Credit: Teresa luna victoria)
  5. Inn River
Helblinghaus (Image 1) - Credit: böhringer friedrich)
  6. Helblinghaus
Hofgarten (Image 1 - Credit: Pakery)
  7. Hofgarten
Innsbruck Alpine Zoo (Image 1 - Credit: Böhringer Friedrich)
  8. Innsbruck Alpine Zoo
Tyrolean State Museum (Image 1 - Credit: Andrew Bossi)
  9. Tyrolean State Museum
Innsbruck University Botanical Garden (Image 1 - PD)
  10. Botanical Garden
Innsbruck Anatomical Museum (Image 1 - Credit: Mattes)
  11. Anatomical Museum
Innsbruck Alpine Museum (Image 1 - Credit: Harald Hofer)
  12. Alpine Museum
Bellfoundry Grassmayr (Image 1 - Credit: Loimo)
  13. Bell Museum
Stift Wilten (Image 1 - Credit: Veit Mueller)
  14. Stift Wilten
Court Church (Image 1 - Credit: Jakub Hałun)
  15. Court Church
Wiltener Basilika (Image 1 - Credit: Pierre Bona)
  16. Wilten Basilica
Dom zu St. Jakob (Image 1 - Credit: Andrew Bossi)
  17. St. James Cathedral
Triumphpforte (Image 1 - Credit: Wolkenfahnderin)
  18. Triumphal Arch
Stadtturm (Image 1 - PD)
  19. City Tower
Alte Innbrücke (Image 1 - Credit: Teresa luna victoria)
  20. Alte Innbrücke
Das Tirol Panorama (Image 1 - Credit: Wolfgang Moroder)
  21. Das Tirol Panorama
Annasäule (Image 1 - Credit: Andrew Bossi)
  22. St. Anna's Column
Nordkettenbahn (Image 1 - Credit: Veit Mueller)
  23. Nordkette Cable Car

Willkommen in Innsbruck!

Welcome to Innsbruck, Austria! Once the seat of the imperial court of Maximilian I, throughout history the city of Innsbruck was sought by empires throughout the world. Today, visitors can easily explore this fabulous city via the trams that make their way around Innsbruck. Just a few of the sights you will see along the way are the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum, Schloss Ambras, the 10th-century castle constructed by Archduke Ferdinand II, Maximilian I’s Golden Roof, and the 15th-century Imperial Palace. One of the most idyllic cities in Europe, Innsbruck is nestled right in the heart of the Alps and offers visitors an experience that will not be soon forgotten.

As the provincial capital of Tyrol, Innsbruck is home to some 120,000 residents and is the 5th largest city in Austria. Given the fact that Innsbruck has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, it is also the largest ski resort in the region and offers a host of outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy skiing, shopping, or touring historical landmarks, there is truly something for everyone in this charming city. Spend some time strolling along Innsbruck’s most famous pedestrian street and you will find a host of exciting historical landmarks, inviting sidewalk cafes, and world-class boutiques. The city’s close proximity to Munich as well as northern Italy make it a top alpine destination.